Writing Guest Posts

I am looking for guests who have a blog or a book that is in some way related to history of the 18th and 19th centuries. I would love to feature your writing in the form of a guest post as I think this adds richness to my blog and can also introduce my readers to you and your work. I typically promote guest posts through my Twitter, Google, and Facebook feeds. That said, there are few guidelines to follow to make this work well. Mainly, the post needs to be of value to my readers. My blog is about history and covers the 1700 and 1800s, and, most of my readers are people interested in history. So, I would like to see the following with guest posts:

  • To introduce you to my readers, it’s nice if you give me a three to five line biography, so that I can tell my readers something about you. It could be why you started writing, why you like history, or what you do for fun. (A picture of you is nice too but if you don’t have one, don’t worry).
  • Your post should be about a historical topic not about your blog or your book. We can have a link to your blog or book, but the idea is to allow readers to learn something related to the historical topic you have chosen and for them to view your writing style. If readers like what they see, they will be more interested in viewing your blog, buying your book, etc. Additionally, I don’t want my readers feeling as if my blog is just a promotional site. I want them to learn something about history.
  • You can pick any historical topic as long as it falls within the time period of the 1700 or 1800s. For instance, you could write about Georgian waistcoats, a Victorian murder, a Regency person, a battle, a Victorian building, an event, or a custom. It often helps if the topic you pick is somehow related to your website or your book.
  • I do not edit the writing in your post (I can barely make sure my posts are correct and have enough problems with people pointing out the flaws in my posts). However, I do edit the format so that it looks right when it publishes on my blog. I also like to add captions to photos, so include those.
  • Your post should contain new original content not already published on your blog or published on someone else’s blog.
  • I want you to get new readers, and I am willing to help promote you, your blog, or your book or website at the end of the post. I can also add pictures of your book cover and links so that people can order it. I am also willing to put links to your website, your facebook page, your twitter account, google account, pinterest, etc.

Here is quick sample, using me as the guest:

Geri Walton has always been fascinated by history and by the stories related to it. This fascination has resulted in her focusing on history in the 1700 and 1800s, and, within this time frame, Geri has become particularly interested in everything French. With this in mind, she has written a post about Marie Antoinette and Petit Trianon. (Then there is the post about Marie Antoinette and Petit Trianon. Posts should be 600-1200 words.)

(After the post it would say something like) If you are interested in visiting Geri Walton’s website, History of the 18th and 19th Centuries, click here to be transported. If you want to connect with Geri on twitter, click here. If you want to connect with Geri on Facebook click here, and if you’re interested in pinning, Geri can be found by clicking here. (There will be links to all the clicks.)

If you are interested in learning more about Geri Walton’s book, Princesse de Lamballe: Confidante to Marie Antoinette, here is a brief synopsis: (The synopsis should be no more than about 250 words.) To purchase or learn more about Geri Walton’s book, click on the appropriate link below (there will be links to the sites):

Barnes and Noble
Pen and Sword
Geri’s Website

If this interests you, I am also always looking for guests. Please contact me through my twitter account @18thCand19thC or visit me at my google or FB accounts under Geri Walton.

Happy writing and thanks for being my guest.