Georgian Era Fashions

The Tricorne or “Cocked Hat”

The tricorne hat, which was initially called a “cocked hat,” became popular in the 1700s but was falling out of fashion by the 1800s and eventually evolved into the bicorne. The tricorne was actually an evolution of a broad-brim round hat worn by Spanish soldiers in Flanders in the 1600s. When its brim was pledged…

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History of the Fashionable Coat, the Spencer

The Spencer coat dates from the 1790s. It was originally a woolen double-breasted, short-waisted outer coat without tails that was “cut according to its cloth” and adopted by British military officers. Although there are varying elements in the story about exactly how the Spencer coat came about, most people claim the coat originated from a…

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Georgian Era Clothing for Sleep

Georgians thought about how to best achieve a good night’s rest because a lack of sleep was claimed to weaken the constitution. Part of the way a good night’s rest was achieved was by avoiding colds, which were supposedly brought on by an “imprudence in changing clothes.”[1] One long time observation claimed that “colds kill…

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