Ballroom Etiquette for Females

Balls were frequent occurrences in the Victorian Era, and proper ballroom etiquette was always required when attending one. The first thing a guest had to deal with occurred before the ball began. It was the invitation. Requests to attend a ball were almost always formal and usually in the form of a handwritten invite, although…

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Etiquette for Men in the Streets

During the 1800s, there were many etiquette rules that sometimes contradicted each other and numerous etiquette books that gave recommendations for gentleman, a title that by that time was no longer just “a distinct social order.” Gentlemen were to abide by rules of etiquette so as not to be considered “vulgar.” One nineteenth century book…

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Correct Forms of Address

Writers often get confused when trying to apply the correct forms of address in their stories. It is a complex subject and can vary depending upon whether or not a person holds a title, is single, or married or widowed. It also depends on whether or not a child is older or young. Correct forms…

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