Beauty Practices

Pomatum, Pommade, or Pomade

Pomatum, sometimes called pommade or pomade, was a greasy substance or ointment that was scented or perfumed and used to give the hair a shiny, slick appearance. Pomatum also helped to keep a hairstyle in place. According to one source, in addition, it nourished, strengthened, preserved, and thickened the hair. The name pomatum was “derived…

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Patching or Mouchets

Patching was a strange fashion, and one of the earliest written mentions of the practice in England, “occurs in Bulwer’s Artificial Changeling (1653). ‘Our ladies,’ he complains, ‘have lately entertained a vain custom of spotting their faces, out of an affectation of a mole, to set off their beauty, such as Venus had; and it…

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