Points of a Horse

Did you know a lost horse can find its way home by sniffing out its previous footsteps and manure remnants? That’s because horses learn about their world through their nose, and this extraordinary sense of smell allows them to read the chemical messages in the air. They can recognize friends, sense danger, find food, discover…

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The Venomous and Deadly Toad of Legend

Although many people in the 1700 and 1800s thought the toad had curative properties, there were also superstitious beliefs about it: “Touching toads will produce warts on the hands … killing toads will produce bloody milk in cows … a toad’s breath will cause convulsions in children.” In certain European countries there was also the…

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Canaries were brought to Europe by Spanish sailors in the 1600s and named after the Canary Islands. Only the richest Spanish and English courts bred them at the time, and they did so with great difficulty as canaries were not understood and because males were primarily imported. After monks began to raise them, the monks…

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