Women’s Fashions 1800s

Hairstyles of 1870

According to Peterson’s Magazine, hairstyles of 1870 were “not [any] less high upon the summit of the head than they were [the previous] … year; quite the contrary, only the chignon has disappeared.” Although the hairstyles might have been the same size in height, the back of 1870 hairdos were flatter and consisted of curls,…

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Evening Gowns of 1839

Victorian era evening gowns of 1839 emphasized a woman’s figure with their bodices that tapered to a small point at the front and the skirt’s low waistline. Gown bodices were also tight and form-fitting, but beneath them were even tighter and more constricting garments. Corsets with gores made it almost impossible to breathe but women…

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