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french ladies 18th century 900w

History is filled with surprising and intriguing stories that will amaze you. They are at times comical, tragic, inspiring, horrific, and mysterious. I love bringing these stories to you so that you can experience them for yourself. I hope you will enjoy my books!


Teetering on the Edge

Discover the courage and loyalty of two friends who found themselves on the wrong side of history. What would you do if your way of life was becoming extinct?

Marie Antoinette became Queen of France at a time when the centuries-old nobility system was on the brink of collapse. Along with her steadfast friend and confidante, the Princesse de Lamballe, at her side, she clung to her lifestyle against insurmountable odds.


Surviving the Horror

How did a young wax modeling apprentice named Marie Grasholtz survive the horrors of the French Revolution to become one of the history's most famous and enduring business women?

A woman in her 20s, Marie found herself confronted with shocking atrocities. She associated with many influential people of the French Revolution and frequently found herself the recipient of their guillotined heads.

She emerged from those terrible times with troubles of her own, but was able turn her experiences into one of the most enduring and well known tourist attractions in history.